225 Industrial & Glazing Silicone 295ml


225 Industrial & Glazing Silicone

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Everflex Contract 225 Industrial & Glazing Silicone is an acetoxy cure silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal. It is specifically designed for most glazing and industrial applications.

– Permanently flexible.
– Quick curing – low dirt pick up.
– Temperature resistant to 200 C.
– Waterproof seal.

– Sealing glass to glass.
– Sealing glass to aluminium and metal sealing.
– Butt and channel glazing.
– As an adhesive for fixing PVCu trims and cladding.
– Sealing around worktops and laminated panels.
– Cap glazing to metal, timber and PVCu window frames.
– For aluminium gutter sealing.
– Industrial uses, such as gasket sealing.
– Refrigeration and hygiene seal.