Brick Line Dispenser Reel with Hi-Vis Line 100m (330ft)


Brick Line Dispenser Reel with Hi-Vis Line 100m (330ft)

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The Faithfull Brick Line Dispenser Reel comes with 100m of strong, hi-vis braided nylon building line. The handle is made from durable polyethylene with a free-spinning top section that allows the line to be quickly rewound. The spool can be easily changed and replacement lines are sold separately.

Hi-vis line is ideal for general bricklaying and marking out. Braided nylon line is strong and flexible with less stretch than other types of line. It resists fraying and is also useful for a plumb line as it does not spin around like conventional twisted cord. Rot proof, waterproof, and resistant to mildew, dryness and heat.

Available in 3 high-visibility colours: Orange, Yellow and Pink.

PLEASE NOTE colour selection is random.


Colour: Orange, Yellow or Pink (selected at random)
Length: 100m (330ft)
Breaking Strength: 26.4kg