FrogTape Delicate Surface Masking Tape 24mm x 41.1m


FrogTape Delicate Surface Masking Tape 24mm x 41.1m

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FrogTape Delicate Surface is a low tack painter’s masking tape for use on freshly painted surfaces, most coated wallpaper and newly plastered walls. Designed for use with Emulsion Paint. For best results remove FrogTape immediately after painting. FrogTape Delicate Surface is UV resistant and can be applied in direct sunlight. It is ideal for creating stripes and paint effects.

FrogTape is the only painter’s masking tape treated with PaintBlock Technology. PaintBlock reacts with emulsion paint to form a micro-barrier that seals the tape edges. The result is the sharpest lines possible, making touch-ups a thing of the past.

Keeps paint out, Keeps lines Sharp T

This FrogTape Delicate Masking Tape has the following specification:

Width: 24mm
Length: 41.1m