Porcelain Diamond Blade 115 x 22.23mm FAIDB115CR


Porcelain Diamond Blade 115 x 22.23mm

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The Faithfull Porcelain Series Diamond Blades are ideal for cutting ceramic, porcelain, granite, porcelain based paving and marble. Wet cutting is recommended for a longer blade life and dust suppression, but they can also be used dry. The long-lasting, 10mm deep, continuous sintered rim enables fast and clean cuts.

All blades have a centre core reinforcement plate that prevents the blade de-tensioning to increase blade life and reduce vibration.

Conforms to EN 13236.

This Faithfull Porcelain Diamond Blade has the following specification:

Disc Diameter: 115mm
Bore: 22.23mm
Max. rpm: 13,300